About UsArtist: Jahmeekye Name: Damion Wright DOB: December 9, 1980 The Artist Jahmeekye was born in the Parish of St. Ann. This parish has produced other notable persons such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Marcus Garvey. Jahmeekye attributes his musical creations to the inspiration he receives from the Most High of Creation. He has relied upon this Divine Inspiration since he started his musical career at the tender age of 12 years. In 2000, Jahmeekye wrote his first single free your Mine which was recorded and produced by john mctaggart . This was a challenge and great accomplishment for Jahmeekye as the label was not well-funded. Also, during this time, he entered the Reggae Trail Talent Search held at the Parkway Place in Ocho Rios. Out of the 32 artists who entered the contest, Jahmeekye and another artist tied for first place. Jahmeekye is currently working on his new album called Spread Your Love. This album is an exciting project as it involves the combined talents of a variety of producers: heart ache and Pain produced by Vincent Sinclair, No Money, No Honey produced by Jerome Young (AKA 3star) and Can’t Be Trusted produced by Buba. Jahmeekye is looking forward to a creative new vibes with different upcoming artists... with his new record label Star Throne. Thanks for the opportunity. text.

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